Pony Express Playlists

Week 9

Each week a member of the Pony Express staff will create a playlist for our readers to enjoy. They will cover a variety of genres and decades allowing readers to explore and discover new types of music and artists. This playlist is brought to you by Stefania Bitton, Editor.

Warning: Explicit Content may be present in some choices

Car rides are the perfect time to play all the best songs from the 2000s. Spanning from the early 2000s to 2020, there is no doubt you will not know at least one song on this playlist with its ranging song genres, release dates, and artists. This playlist is perfect for road trips, baking/cooking projects that require familiar music to help you through the struggle, or hanging out with friends. Everyone can enjoy this playlist because there is no doubt everyone has a song they like on it, so follow it and play it the next time you need some good songs that remind you of the songs that have been on the radio your entire life.

(Description by Anna Kilgariff)

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