New Athletic Director arrives at San Marin

On Oct. 7, 2020, Sports Boosters announced over Instagram that San Marin welcomed a new Athletic Director (AD). Michele Smith is the new AD for Novato Unified School District (NUSD), overseeing sports at Novato High School as well as San Marin High School. Smith grew up in Marin County and attended San Rafael High School where she played basketball, soccer, volleyball, and softball. She was on two championship teams there as well, for volleyball and basketball. Smith is excited to work with both schools because she “feels a connection with both [Novato and San Marin].” After high school, Smith attended the University of San Diego, where she played basketball and volleyball. She has coached and taught at Drake High School, coached the women’s basketball team at Dominican University, and was the Athletics and Activities Director at Branson High School for thirteen years.

“My passion, my heart, has always been in athletics,” Smith said.

Even though COVID-19 restricts certain activities, teams are still able to practice in cohort groups of fifteen people.

 “It’s been really fun seeing what people want at each school,” Smith said. 

Smith has expressed hopes that students will feel like they can reach out to her if they need to, even though she is new.  

“I’m looking forward to learning more about San Marin Athletics and hopefully student athletes,” Smith said. “Even though they’re not on campus, [I hope they] will feel comfortable to email me and ask any questions they have.” 

Smith pursued a career in sports because she has felt connected to sports from a young age. 

“Watching kids…succeed on the fields and improve their skills, that’s what means the most to me…I just love watching them grow as individuals and athletes,” Smith said. She is disappointed that there have not been any games, but she hopes to, “make the season as best it can be for all athletes.”

Smith is “looking forward to having a sports season begin” and watching kids on the field and the court.

Michele Smith
Michele Smith, the new Athletic Director for NUSD stands on the football field at San Marin.

Author: Mia Nettz

She is a reporter for the San Marin Pony Express.

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