Fall-winter 2020-2021 Fashion trends

San Marin students and teens all around the country are waiting to wear nicer things outside, even to just go to the store. These are many of the trends that are relevant right now. Everything oversized is the biggest trend, but some tops like corset tops or mini/slip dresses that are not oversized are also popular. Layering is another way to take an outfit to the next level, having a collar from a different shirt show, or just having a few layers on. 


All oversized,tee shirts, sweaters, fuzzy cardigans, and sweater vests are all key tops this season and all of them can be worn in an oversized look or a fitted way. Goodfair is a good place to buy sweaters and tee shirts. The only downside is that you can’t pick what patterns you get. If you want to spend more, Zara is a good place to look.  A big aspect of oversized clothing is the layering, this means wearing a turtleneck shirt under some of your larger items to give them more shape.  A big trend right now is wearing a crewneck sweatshirt with a colored shirt so it comes out the neck of the crew neck. Turtle necks are a cool way to style larger jackets and coats as well.  Corset tops are big; they are tight fitted tops either made to look like a corset or are a corset. 


Oversized pants and Big jeans are really popular. I recommend getting jeans from thrift stores/ consignment stores where many are cheap but also durable. Buying a couple sizes up and tailoring them to fit you how you want is a good way to personalize clothes. If big pants aren’t your thing, then patchwork jeans and leather pants are also another way to stay trendy. 

Skirts, there are two different types of skirts that are trendy right now. First, tennis/pleated mini skirts are nice for warmer days. Secondly, knee/calf-length skirts paired with tights, a sweater, and boots will get you a classic fall look. I like floral patterned skirts and plain ones with slits.  


Chunky black boots, like Doc Martens, platforms, white sneakers (like Converse or Nike Air Force 1s), and Mary Janes are simple shoes that can be worn anywhere. They are all classic black or white staple shoes that can go with any outfit.   


Baby tees/turtle necks under mini dresses or slip dresses are a great way to layer dresses. 


Trench coats, leather jackets, blazers, and quilted texture coats are very in. Going to thrift/consignment/vintage stores is really the best for statement coats but please remember to not take a bunch of warm clothes from thrift stores, this is so you do not take warm clothes from people who can’t afford 1st hand clothing. Places like Zara and House Of Sunny are places that have cool statement coats. Button up shirts ie: flannel shirts, dress shirts are also a great layering piece.   


Chunky/rectangle glasses are a fun way to accessorize your outfit and bring it to the next level. Pearl necklaces, pearls can be pricey so looking in your mom or grandma’s jewelry might be where you can get your pearls, or off of amazon. Tote bags can be made of canvas or a fluffy fabric. Fluffy fabric is more of a statement piece, (the fluffy fabric totes are fun with animal prints on them) versus the canvas tote, these can be found on Etsy, there are so many cool patterns. Baguette shoulder bags and small bags are very in and you can find them everywhere like Target and Amazon. Hair scarfs, like bandanas, are a cute easy way to get your hair out of your face without a hair tie. Masks that match your outfit can really bring an outfit together and make it so people are staying safe. Many of these items can be found on Amazon for cheap.  


Colors butter yellow, forest green, pastels like sage, lavender, baby blue, brown, earthy colors like tan. 

Patterns checkers, neutrals, argyle 

Fabrics silk, velvet, leather, denim 


 Sophomore Melissa Schinder wears baggy jeans, red tank top, and baggy hoodie. 

Sophomore Resse Nelisen wears a crewneck and patchwork plaid skirt in neutral earthy colors.

Sophomore Ally Branch wears a tan, white, and black argyle sweater with a black skater shirt, fishnet tights, and white sneakers. 

Junior Anna Kilgariff wears a monochrome black and white outfit, with gingham pants, a white turtleneck, a black shirt over the turtleneck, and a black puffer coat.

Sophomore Resse Nelisen wears a black turtleneck with a button up sweater vest and a black mini skirt. 


Author: Claire Kilgariff

Claire Kilgariff is a sophomore, reporter, and a member of the website team. In her free time she enjoys taking naps, watching America’s Next Top Model, and drinking coffee. A fun fact about Claire is that she hates squash.

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