ASB attempts to provide a normal high school experience during remote learning

Due to Covid-19 and school being online for the first semester, students are lacking  traditional high school experiences. The Associated Student Body (ASB) has been working to find ways for students to still make this year memorable.

The first week of school, ASB held a virtual spirit week where students posted a picture of their outfit to Instagram stories and tagged their class accounts in hopes to win a giftcard.  

“Our goal was to make it very easy for students to participate in, so we made sure it was a very easy theme so students could dress up as,’’ said sophomore Evelyn Negrete. 

ASB offered  a prize in order to motivate students to participate more, which was a $10 gift card.    

“It’s very challenging to plan events that will get students motivated to participate but also fun to work around,’’ ASB President Izagani Aquino said.

There was not high participation during spirit week

“I don’t want to participate in school events that are online, it just doesn’t feel the same as if we were in school,’’ sophomore Jasmin Hamzehloo said.

Due to restrictions, there will not be many events this semester since we are remote. 

“Our class has been trying to plan a variety of events but we are extremely limited in what we can do,’’ ASB teacher Neesha Patel said.

 As of now, homecoming is tentatively scheduled for next semester

  “There is a homecoming football game scheduled for March so we will plan activities based on the restrictions at the time,” Patel said. “We hope we can plan the parade and dance!’’

Besides planning school events, ASB has been working to help the community. There have already been two successful events this semester so far.  The first one was a breast cancer awareness event. Leadership sold breast cancer bracelets for three days by the football field.

“We ordered and sold bracelets for Breast Cancer Awareness and all the proceeds went to a staff member on campus,” Patel said. “It was extremely successful!’’  

  The second event was a trick or treat for the youth community in Novato that took place on Halloween.  

“Over 600 people showed up and it was really amazing,” Patel said. “Everyone followed the correct safety measures.” 

 Leadership encourages and promotes school spirit during these times. 

“We are dealing with this together…. I know [students] feel like you haven’t been noticed for your good work but I see you, we see you, and we are very proud of everything you have been doing, we really appreciate everything you all have been doing to find a sense of normalcy in all this,” Aquino said. “I am proud to call you all my classmates.’’ 

  Picture courtesy of San Marin Leadership.
                         The San Marin Leadership class held a virtual spirit week during the first week of school. They hope to hold more school events next semester.

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