Pony Express Playlists

Week 5

Each week a member of the Pony Express staff will create a playlist for our readers to enjoy. They will cover a variety of genres and decades allowing readers to explore and discover new types of music and artists. This playlist is brought to you by Allison Branch, Reporter.

Warning: Explicit Content may be present in some choices

Being a school paper and all it only seemed fitting to eventually include some study music. Typically when studying I listen to white noise or nothing at all but this playlist has introduced me to the world of lo-fi music, with a combination of soothing beats and soft lyrics that you can hum along to, it creates a perfect atmosphere to zone into your assignments, or to keep you stress levels low when you have procrastinated a little too much. This playlist seems perfect as calm background music for any scenario, so put some earbuds in and zone into, or out of school work/life and enjoy the simple beats.

(Description by Anna Kilgariff)

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