Pony Express Playlists

Week 4

Each week a member of the Pony Express staff will create a playlist for our readers to enjoy. They will cover a variety of genres and decades allowing readers to explore and discover new types of music and artists. This playlist is brought to you by Paige Chassman, Co-Editor-in-Chief.

Warning: Explicit Content may be present in some choices

This playlist feels like a bottle of serotonin to me, the mellow beats and positive lyrics calm me down and bring a smile to my face. After a long day that leaves you feeling not so great I highly recommend turning this on and just laying on your floor, and reminding yourself that everything will be okay! This playlist is perfect for so many occasions and appeals to most (if not all types of music lovers) with its variety or artists, lengths and music styles. Turn this playlist on at full blast and just live in the moment, you will not regret it.

(Description by Anna Kilgariff)

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