Students showcase artwork

San Marin is home to an incredible amount of talented artists who work in a wide variety of mediums, ranging from painting to digital art. Having free time over summer break, as well as quarantine, students have had more time to produce stunning artwork. Here’s some visual art that students have made, paired with a quote explaining the inspiration of each piece.

Hayden Blair, Freshman

“I was inspired to do this because I enjoy snowboarding. I thought it would look cool if the snowboarder was popping out like a pop out book.”

“I chose a natural phenomena and put the image in the text. Lava, in my opinion, stands out more than most.”

“I got a black and white image of an old ship, and cut out nine sections of the image. Then I simply changed the color in each section, a casual yet nice image.”

Gabriella Schaumleffel, Freshman

“I made this piece of art because I love the outdoors and I wanted to create a piece using different materials and papers.”

“I created this drawing to show the contrast between different weather patterns and how they can make our environment look and feel different.”

“This was influenced by the artist Laurel Burch because her work is really unique.”

Ashleigh Judson, Sophomore

“This pencil drawing was created for a health class project and represents the underlying dangers of smoking. My favorite element of this piece is the skull because to me, it represents the possible consequence that is at play with every cigarette someone smokes.”

“Although this colored pencil drawing may be simple, it holds a special place in my heart. My grandmother and I drew Calla Lilies together and now whenever I see this piece I am reminded of all the good times we’ve had and the memories made.”

A great amount of inspiration from this multimedia piece was from the Joker. Joaquin Phoenix did an amazing job in the newest movie, giving us a clear view into the mind of a mad person. I was truly blown away by his performance and had to create my own version of the Joker.”

Astrid Meyers, Junior (@_astrids_art_)

“I wanted to try something new and make a different kind of feeling/look to the painting.”

“This was similar to an older painting I had made, however, in this I tried creating a dark/curious feeling.”

“This painting was inspired by my grandparents’ cat. I wanted to try and give sentimental value to a piece of art.” 

Sean Padillo, Junior (@smugleaves)

“This piece was inspired by an outfit I saw someone wearing in SF. I drew that outfit on one of my characters [in] an action shot.”

“This was also influenced by an outfit seen in SF… I just drew him vibing in the cold.”

“This sketch was influenced by Animal Crossing: New Horizons, I drew one of the villagers, Zucker, with my character.”

Gracie Enslin, Senior (@gracies_art_account)

“I pulled some inspiration from the fact that people say my head is always in the clouds. I’ve also always had a bit of an obsession with space and thought I’d tie the two themes together.”

“It started as a portrait and then I added the hands. I like this one because you can’t tell if the hands are wiping the tears, or causing the pain. I think what the viewer sees is indicative of how they view the world.”

“A portrait of Breonna Taylor drawn for an organized group project for the BLM movement. A group of kids around the Bay Area came together and drew the victims of police brutality to later collectively be put on shirts and donated.”

Author: Lauren Dempsky

Lauren Dempsky is a senior, the Arts and Culture Editor, and member of the photography team. If you ever go shopping with her, she will convince you to buy something so she doesn’t feel like such an impulsive buyer. A fun fact about her is that she has 121 Spotify playlists and counting.

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