COVID-19 safe hikes in the Bay Area

California has views and attractions that all can appreciate, so here are some Bay Area favorites for beautiful and safe places to exercise during these uncertain times. 

Stephanie Metzger
View from Mount Tamalpais at sunset.

The rolling hills of Mount Tamalpais (Tam) are located in southern Marin, on the border of San Francisco and they offer an activity-full journey. Mount Tam is a 7-mile hike at the longest. The duration can be shorter if you choose a different route, as there are multiple options for hikes, but the mountain offers a view from a high point, where the Bay can be seen. It is not very crowded, with the only indication of people, being the full parking lot. The trails are spread out, making it easy to find one that is not busy.

“Sunset is definitely prime time…but the park closes after sundown,” senior Maxine Walas said. 

Mount Tam is an option that works all year, especially with California weather.

Stephanie Metzger
View from Marin Headlands trail of the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset.

The Marin Headlands offers a view of the Bay and can have a view of the Golden Gate Bridge. The trails are up to ten miles long and can be crowded at times, but it is most popular at sunset. The Headlands show off some of what California has to offer with flower-surrounded paths and a full view at the top. 

“The scenery was fantastic,” sophomore Giada Reali said of the greenery that led to the water, and the flowers that sprouted up.

Marin Headlands is great in both fall and winter, just remember to bring a jacket. 

Mia Nettz
View of trees lining a trail at Indian Valley Nature Preserve.
Mia Nettz
View of a small pond along a trail at Indian Valley Nature Preserve.

In Novato, there are the trails at Indian Valley Nature Preserve, which can start at two miles and last longer depending on which breakoff trail is used. A recommended time to go is between 5 and 7 p.m., according to English teacher Shannon Ward, who uses the trails nearly every day. The trails are not usually crowded at any point of the year.

“It offers a variety of difficulty,” Ward said.  

These trails can get muddy in the winter, but it’s a good destination to appreciate all year.

Author: Mia Nettz

She is a reporter for the San Marin Pony Express.

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