Pony Express Playlists

Week 2

Each week a member of the Pony Express staff will create a playlist for our readers to enjoy. They will cover a variety of genres and decades allowing readers to explore and discover new types of music and artists. This playlist is brought to you by Lauren Dempsky, editor.

Warning: Explicit Content may be present in some choices

Growing up, the only time I ever heard early 90’s and 2000’s music was in the movies I watched while sleeping over at other people’s houses; so when listening to this playlist it flooded my brain with memories from third grade watching Clueless as 9:30 P.M. and feeling like the coolest kid in the world. All of the songs have a fun beat that just make you want to sing karaoke (badly) and dance with your friends. This playlist can make any boring task 1,000 times more exciting. It upgraded normally terrible times during my day, like doing dishes and folding laundry, by taking my mind off the craziness (and sometimes blandness) of life and brought me back to when times were perfect. When you and your closest friends were curled up in a fluffy blanket, probably wearing onesies, stuffing your face with popcorn, and being absolutely sure that when you are 16 years old you would have a closet full of perfect, and fashionable clothes that come with a computer selecting the exact outfit you need for going to Physics class at eight A.M on a Tuesday.

(Description by Anna Kilgariff)

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