We will recover: A message to the class of 2020

By Vivian Bui & Elise Jonas-Delson

Dear class of 2020,

Who would have predicted that the world would crash into shambles during what many would argue is one of the most sentimental times of our lives? We were robbed of the limited time we had left with our friends, our much-anticipated prom, senior fashion show, final sports games and musical performances, and we also had the security blanket of feeling like any other normal teenager stripped away from us. A global pandemic has left us all helplessly sheltered inside our homes concerned about the health of our loved ones and longing for the moment everything will subside. As seniors who have been dreaming of dancing the night away at prom and throwing our graduation caps into the sunset, this is a reminder to the class of 2020 that we are in this together. 

We have learned that nothing is guaranteed, no matter how much it may seem within our grasp. But along with that, we have learned to appreciate the good moments we were given and will never take the seemingly mundane aspects of our lives for granted again. Conversations with our friends between classes, pushing through grueling sports practices, running through scripts for plays or Mock Trial, and even group study sessions before finals all belonged to a past that we were so lucky to have experienced with one another. 

The act of graduating high school is often synonymous with leaving a metaphorical safety net and venturing out into the unknown. We watched as seniors from years past proudly wore their college gear on May 1, finalized gap year itineraries, or prepared to enter the workforce. Stepping into adulthood is challenging enough without a pandemic in our midst. We are preparing ourselves for a future that we cannot yet envision. But, if anyone can handle this challenge, it is the class of 2020. 

We don’t know what the future will bring but we have the ability to move forward and fill that space with our compassion and resilience. This group of seniors are strong, hardworking individuals who will create positive change in a world that needs us more than ever. 

But even though we are telling you to be optimistic, it is still impossible to turn a blind eye to the suffering and chaos that is happening to the world around us. As teenagers, a pandemic is among one of the many firsts in our lives, and it is terrifying not knowing what will happen next. We believe that our thoughts and actions are more important than ever during times like these and that it is valuable to recognize the support we are receiving from our teachers, friends and family. The San Marin 2020 graduating seniors signs in front of our homes are a reminder of the love and effort San Marin staff members put in to hand deliver signs to our doors. The weekly emails from Principal Sims are a reminder that there are people thinking of us. Everyone is rooting for us to grow from this. We will recover. 

As the class of 2020 enters adulthood, we are in this together. Our futures are still vast and bright. We hope that when the day comes when we can finally stand closer than six feet apart, the class of 2020 will throw our caps into the air with even more meaning than we would have before. Stay healthy everyone.


 Elise Jonas-Delson and Vivian Bui

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