‘Stang Gang survey: What are you doing to keep busy during shelter in place?

With all extracurriculars including sports, musicals and after-school classes cancelled due to COVID-19, students have turned to other ways to keep busy during shelter-in-place.  Here are some of the ways that a few San Marin students are spending their time:

Jean Barrios (Junior) – “I have been keeping busy by practicing
 my guitar a lot!”
Olivia Cadaoas (Freshman) – “I have been really bored in quarantine, but I have kept myself busy by going on walks, baking, and doing puzzles.”
Elizabeth DeRuvo (Junior) – “I have been learning how to play the guitar!  I have been taking online classes to be ready for the summer!”
Angie Starn (Senior) – “As one of the four team captains of the swim team this year, I am continuing to keep the Mustang swim spirit alive at home!  I’m encouraging the team to still participate in the dry-land activities that we would do at any practice to stay healthy and active to keep our minds sharp and alert.  Hoping to do one team gathering once we are safe!!”
Aidan Geraty (Senior) – “I have been keeping busy by driving around to new destinations for fun and also bike riding in my free time.”
Ryan Frasersmith (Sophomore) –  “I have been doing a lot of skating and biking after I finish all of my schoolwork for the day!”

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