Freshman Keeley Wright makes varsity girls basketball

Although she is just 5’4’’, Keeley Wright stands tall as a freshman on the Girls Varsity Basketball Team. 

“Basketball was really fun even though I didn’t really know how to play when I started,” Wright said.

 She started playing while in the second grade but as she’s gotten older, she’s become more serious about basketball.

 “In 5th grade, I became super invested in basketball once I joined a traveling team,” Wright said. “It’s been my passion ever since.” Now that Wright is on the Varsity team, she has overcome challenges being one of the shortest girls on the court. 

“I get blocked a lot when playing,” Wright said. “But I’ve learned to deal with it and find other ways to shoot around them. I go out stronger now and sometimes I get fouled.¨ 

Wright scores an average of 8 points each game. Wright places the positions of being a point guard and sometimes a wing.

Senior Lily Jacob describes Wright as a “wonderful teammate.”

“She’s really sweet and a hard worker, ̈ Jacob said. “She holds the team together and is very positive.”  

Keeley made an impression on Varsity coach Tony Butler before she became a San Marin student. Butler saw her play at a tournament and was impressed with what he saw.  

“Keeley is a unique talent,” Butler said. ̈”She is exceptionally quick, has a tremendous ability, and can really jump. She amazes me everytime I watch her play. Keeley is super coachable and has a true passion for getting better. She´s a true, humble star in the making.”

Wright’s favorite moment has been playing this year for Varsity because she has never played in front of large crowds before. . 

“I thought I would be nervous, but it just makes me want to play better because people are cheering for us and I just love the experience,” Wright said.

To Danielle Wright, Keeley’s mother, Keeley’s love of basketball was no real surprise.

“I would describe Keeley as a good kid who is smart, driven, sporty, competitive and loyal.” Danielle said. “Keeley got her passion for sports from her Dad and I, we both loved playing sports, and there’s always a football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, or softball games in our house.” 

Freshman, Sadie Fonarev is a close friend of Keeley’s. 

“Keeley is a super sweet and loyal friend,” Fonarev said. “Keeley cares so much about others and she’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. She is also super funny and optimistic which rubs off on others.”

Outside of school and basketball, Keeley enjoys playing other sports including volleyball, lacrosse and soccer. Wright enjoys being outdoors as well. Wright’s favorite subject is math and she is in the STEM program. 

By: Aidan Daniel

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