Students struggle to balance schoolwork and extracurriculars

The final bell rings, students pack up their bags and leave school for the day. For some, this means finally going home to relax, going out with friends, or preparing for after school activities. For others, it means getting a head start on homework and studying for an upcoming test. Some San Marin students are struggling to find a balance between work and play or in some cases, work and more work.

According to the United States Census Bureau, “6 out of 10 children participate in extracurricular activities.” This minimizes the time students have for school-related work as well as free time.

“Sometimes I have sports and other responsibilities that get in the way of doing homework,” freshman Hana Urban said, “I get overwhelmed with all the homework I have along with sports starting.” Census explains that 34.7
percent of other students have this issue as well. Even though a majority of students are involved in school sports, most teachers do not consider having practice as a valid excuse for being unable to complete assignments.

“We tell our football players you’re a student athlete,” Health teacher and football coach Cory Boyd said. “Academics should take precedence over the
athletics.” Urban adds that she continue to participate in sports, even with
this disadvantage, because she likes athletic activities and enjoys being a part of a team.

Some students also have jobs or clubs that take up their after school time. Most of these activities begin right after school and end at varying hours, denying students time for homework.

“I feel that I’m able to get my work done,” sophomore and Film Club President Leo Perez said, “but some days are a lot
busier than others.”

After school, Perez is busy with Rock Band, Mock Trial and Film Club. This leaves Fridays as the only days without extracurricular activities. Perez said that even though it is difficult at times, he will continue to participate in these activities next year because he is passionate about all of them. For some students, homework is not a priority. Spending time with their friends and having time away from school is deemed more important.

“There’s so many other things I’d rather do than homework,” sophomore Shylah Finnie said.“I just choose to do the other things.”

Author: Lauren Dempsky

Lauren Dempsky is a senior, the Arts and Culture Editor, and member of the photography team. If you ever go shopping with her, she will convince you to buy something so she doesn’t feel like such an impulsive buyer. A fun fact about her is that she has 121 Spotify playlists and counting.

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