Lack of student parking

 Through fall of 2020, construction for the new STEM building and performing arts center will limit parking availability for students. The side parking lot, next to the science building, has been designated exclusively to staff, and the only available student parking lot is near the football field. Juniors and some seniors are unhappy with not being able to park in the lot. Construction can take anywhere from a year to two years, meaning the back parking lot is not going to be available for at least one full school year.  ̈ ̈

The STEM building is going to be 14 months of construction, earliest of the construction being done is August 2020,” Mike Woolerd, Facilities Director for the District Office, said. For the first time, the student lot is assigned to individuals rather than a first come first serve system. This means that some students are permanently required to park on side streets or find alternative parking because they could not get a student parking spot. 


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