Tobey’s Thread Talk

The early 2000s skater boy style has circled its way back and is heavily influencing trends of 2019. Signature for its colorful graphics, straight leg jeans, and well-loved sneakers, junior Zane Walas captures this aesthetic effortlessly. Here, Walas is sporting a ‘Krooked Skateboarding’ graphic tee along with classic Levi jeans he doodled on in class. Most of Walas’s clothes are from secondhand shops in San Francisco that he then customizes. 

“What you wear is a large part of how people perceive you,” Walas said. “I think that people should stop dressing to fit in and should dress more to stand out and should dress uniquely.”


Senior Shaye Miller encapsulates the chic, girly-girl style in an effortless manner. Ranging from pieces like flowy dresses, two piece sets, and coordinated colors, Miller takes inspiration from celebrities like Madison Beer and Gigi Hadid.

“I would say my style is mostly girly because I mainly wear skirts and dresses, but also can be trendy and casual as well,” Miller said.



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