’Stang Gang Survey


“What’s your team’s super power? What’s your team’s favorite song?”

Cross country:
Jackson Hilton, Nick Brandis,
Bella DeRuvo, Paige Chassman
Team super power: average
Favorite song: “Sally Up”
Boys waterpolo:
Hayden Shaffer, Wilson Perry
Team super power: Caleb
Favorite song: “Sweet Caroline”
Girls golf:
Summer Lake
Team super power: positivity
Favorite song: “Party in the U.S.A.”
Amanda Fabbri, Miah Portje
Team super power: acapella from
start to finish at any time
Favorite song: “We are Family”
Will Hickey, Tyler Guin, Matt
Sargent, Juan Camerana, Dante
Team super power: community
Favorite song: “Cotton Eyed Joe”
Girls volleyball:
Abby Bergerson, Hannah White
Team super power: communication,
energy and supportiveness
Favorite song: “Flamingo”
Girls Water Polo:
Lexi Sittenfeld-Parkhurst, Vivian Leida
Team super power: super arm
Favorite song: “Sweet Caroline”

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