Varsity softball swings back into the season

The girls varsity softball team are looking to hold two titles this year and, after winning one title the previous season.

“We’ve made a name for us and this year, we’re pushing for both titles,” junior Alexis Bishop said.

Their goal, is to win the Marin County Athletic League ( MCALS), and the North Coast Section (NCS), for Division 3.

“Last season at MCALS, we did really good because the competition was easy and not challenging,” sophomore Lucy Mogan said.

They have won thriteen out of sixteen games overall and are 9-1 in league.

“This season has been one of the best, and I feel that we are doing really well,” junior Madi Papenhausen said.

Many players on the team believe that continuity will help them perform better than last year. Most of the players on the current team are returning players.

“People who were on the team last year understood how good they were and they  relied more on everyone’s talent,” Mogan said. “This season, they are practicing a lot to turn that around to get ready for NCS because the competition is hard.”

This season, they have lost one person from last year and received a few freshman.

“Most of our team has played together for a year and we have gotten so much closer,” Mogan said. “We are working hard to play as a team and really trust one another to be even better than last year.”

Last season, the softball team lost in the second round of NCS to Livermore, and have spent time preparing for a similar situation this season as well.

“This season will be a memorable one and I believe this will be the year we finally break through and take both titles home with us,” Bishop said. “We have bounced back and, we are now ready if that happens again.”


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