School renovates learning lounge

San Marin’s Learning Lounge has recently undergone new renovations, which include new seating arrangements with couches, tables and flat screen televisions.  Administration hopes these additions will attract more students to the library and supply them with a comfortable place to complete work or relax.
The Learning Lounge provides a space for students to get work done before school, after school and during tutorial periods, depending on their grades. The Lounge will continue to provide all the items listed above, but with the addition of a new layout and technology. It is currently open to students from 3:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
The renovations to the library were completed over the mid-winter break. Some of the renovations used existing materials like the charging bars that were created by repurposing book stacks previously used in the library. The other renovations such as the televisions and couches were purchased with money received from grants, and donations from the annual Green and Gold PTA fundraiser.
“[The televisions] are going to scroll tons of information about the school like spirit day information, maybe what’s on menu for the day in the cafeteria, sports information, bell schedule information and more,” Student Success Advisor Kathy Warren said.
Many students have already taken to the Lounge and expressed positive feedback about it. They claim the extra space and time the Lounge provides is beneficial to them and their grades.
“It gives us an opportunity to have more time to finish things that we haven’t done or need to do,” freshman Leah Mordus said. “Usually there are teachers there to help us if we need anything.”
Some students claim these renovations only enhance what the Learning Lounge and the library have been continually offering. However, the new renovations could result in more students using the Learning Lounge out of curiosity or renewed interest.
“I am positive that with the addition of TVs and couches, the Learning Lounge will become a fun place that students can go to for studying,” sophomore Bella DeRuvo said. ¨I think the Learning Lounge will encourage students to excel in their school work more.”
The Learning Lounge is set to run as it is, and although there are no additional renovations expected to be done in the foreseeable future. Warren states that, “in education you never know.”

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