Global Glimpse offers opportunities to students

Traveling to a brand new destination alone can seem like a daunting process for young adults. However, the nonprofit organization, Global Glimpse, alters the perspectives of high school students through an international traveling experience which immerses them into different cultures. Through this program, young adults take on various leadership skills, as well as understanding the importance of being involved within a community. This organization offers many opportunities to meet people from all different backgrounds and exchange experiences, as well as life lessons, allowing students to form long lasting relationships.

San Marin juniors including Vivian Bui, Pricila Flores, Rebeca Garcia, Piero Lanos, Raina Japay, Robert Orta, and Vivienne Tran will be attending this program for the first time this summer. Students receive a nomination for the program from one or more of their teachers, and many of them will be reaching out of their comfort zones this summer and taking a trip to a new country. French teacher Jeffrey Moore has been chaperoning these trips since the summer of 2014. Having traveled to the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua (which has been removed from the traveling list due to conflicts with its government) and Ecuador, Moore will be chaperoning students in Las Tablas, Panama this July and Orta will be going along as well.

“I hope to learn more about the country and people of all different walks of life,” said Orta. “The ability to see life from someone else’s eyes gives me greater respect for that person as well as for my own experiences.”

Junior Raina Japay will be traveling to Guaranda, Ecuador this summer. She received a letter in her Spanish class and an email that notified her of her nomination for the Global Glimpse program.

“I’m looking forward to learning from the other students who will be traveling and meeting there,” said Japay. “Exchanging ideas and thoughts is gaining and sharing knowledge. I know this experience will help further development of my communication and leadership skills.”

Not only is this a chance for students to grow as individuals, but it is also something that may stem potential exploration into majors involving social justice, medicine, environmental engineering, international relations and more, according to Moore.

No matter what they explore academically in college, their character is greatly impacted by the people they meet and what’s awaiting in Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, and Panama for their five senses,” said Moore. “I’m never clear on what to expect going into it. Each of my past three trips have brought different challenges, benefits, and opportunities.”

Senior Katie Kradepohl took part in this program in the summer of 2018. During her time in the Dominican Republic, she gained insight on what direction she wanted her future to go in.

“I learned that everyone learns differently and there’s no one right way of learning or gaining information,” said Kradepohl. “This realization helped me to later on see that I wanted to teach special education when I’m older and major in education in college.”

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