Leadership class improves school dance

On January 25 from 8-10 p.m., San Marin hosted the Winter Whiteout dance in the mini-gym. Students dressed in neon or white casual attire that would glow under the black lights set up in the gym, which were accompanied by other glowing decorations like balloons and streamers.

Similar to previous dances, North Bay Security was present, checking students before they entered for possession of any illegal paraphernalia. No additional precautions were taken despite San Marin’s prior dances having copious drug and alcohol problems.

The overall student body had a positive reaction to the dance, claiming that it was an  improvement from Homecoming.

“The DJ hyped everybody up and made the dance a better experience,” a student who wished to remain anonymous said. “Almost everybody there seemed to be having a fun time.”

One of the main developments, according to students, was the new DJ that Leadership hired for the night. Chuck Macki, a San Marin alumnus, received positive reviews from a majority of students despite it being his first time working at a San Marin dance. Instead of playing his own music, Macki used a student-created playlist and the songs they requested, which students enjoyed.

“Overall, Leadership considered it one of the best dances we’ve had in awhile,” Leadership member and junior Chloe Mahachek said.

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