Humans of San Marin: December 13, 2018

E2E0DBA6-006F-44A7-8E9A-409628064E40“I gave up on everything, all the judgment from other girls. I didn’t really care anymore because I had such a tight-knit group of friends. I didn’t think about other people outside of my group . . . I really started doing it sophomore year, a little bit freshman year, but then I just got sick of the same, boring clothes. I do wish I started sooner. Another thing that really changed me was traveling. I went to Italy in eighth grade. I saw the clothes there and I thought “this is different and this is cool.” I started wearing different clothes in eighth grade. But mostly sophomore year I started getting into it. It would be cool to do something when I grow up in fashion if I can. It would be really fun. Probably business related or fashion related.” (11th)

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