Humans of San Marin: November 29, 2018

silvia“I love to travel because you can discover new cultures. I like to see new places, experience the culture, and you can compare it to your own. I think the best thing is to try new things. When I came [to California], I never expected it to be like this, it’s a very unique culture… There is a lot of Mexican culture here and there are many African Americans. You don’t see that in Italy. I think a lot of people don’t want to travel because they think their country is the best. I like to see the world in different ways because you see that it’s changing the more you travel, and you can see the change every day. For a lot of people, and students like me, you should do this [immersion] experience. It really opens your mind. You can see something you’ll never see again. I’m so happy I chose to do this because it changed my life.” (11th)

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