San Marin considers awarding “academic letters”

Principal Mark Sims is exploring the idea of an “academic letter” program for students in response to parent input. Members of the PTSA expressed interest in recognizing students’ academic achievements in an equivalent manner to athletic achievements. The “academic letter” would resemble the block letter patch that student-athletes receive after meeting certain standards in their sport.

Students were polled for their opinions on the idea of the Academic Letter. Of the 96 students who responded, 67 percent were in favor of the program. Students were also asked what criteria should be used for a student earning a letter. The majority of students agreed that grades and attendance should be part of the formula. 56 percent of the respondents said a minimum of a 3.5 GPA should be required.

The criteria to earn an Academic Letter are being evaluated by the administration in partnership with the counseling office. Letters might be awarded in an evening ceremony each semester, similar to the seasonal sports award nights. Sims said this idea has been a huge success at other schools and would be a great motivator for students.

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