New staff on campus introduce themselves

Ariel Beauhaire

Speech and Language

Beauhaire loves her job and working with as many students as she can to try to help them.  When Beauhaire was in high school, she played softball and loved art.  Before she came to San Marin, she taught in Santa Rosa and worked at Kaiser Permanente.


Jordan Merkin

Pre-Calculus, Geometry, AP Calculus BC

Merkin’s favorite subject is chemistry because she likes how two different elements can make something new.  In high school, Merkin was a flyer on her cheer team and took many AP classes.  Merkin teaches math because she knows it can be complicated at times and wants to help students.


Rosa Herrera

Physics and CCR

Herrera enjoys chemistry, and in school she found history very boring because of the lecturing and memorization.  Herrera was a student athlete who played soccer and basketball, took AP classes and spent time in the library.


Greta Huneke

US History, AP Goverment and Economics

Huneke majored in history, and finds math to be boring.  In high school, she was shy and had a small friend group.  Huneke has been a teacher since 1995 and has taught at Newark, Terra Linda and San Ramon. Huneke has taught students of all levels
and “walks of life.”


Adriana Lopez

Biology and Marine Biology

Lopez enjoyed English as a student, but found history boring.  She loves animals and worked at a primate center before teaching at San Marin.  Lopez earned her masters at Sonoma State University while researching gazelles.


Shannon Zorn

Algebra II and AP Statistics

Zorn’s favorite subject, other than math, is English. She grew up in Los Angeles and earned her teaching credential at Sonoma State University.  Zorn’s goal for every student in her class is to not only understand math but also to “put their own personal spin on it.”


John Sanderbeck


Sanderbeck’s favorite subjects are archeology and paleontology because he likes learning about evolution.  Sanderbeck enjoys talking and opening up to students.  Outside of school, Sanderbeck loves hiking and keeping in touch with his kids.


Neesha Patel

Health, Conceptual Physics, ASB Leadership

Patel loves anatomy, physiology and kinesiology.  In high school, she didn’t like English because of the reading. She was a student-athlete, took AP classes and was the captain of the lacrosse and cheer teams at Novato High School.


Margaret Hee


Hee teaches Beginning Drama and will take over the program in the spring when current teacher Linda Kislingbury retires.  Hee enjoyed English in high school but found math boring.  She attended college in New Mexico and earned her Masters of Fine Arts while directing in New York.


Carrie McCall

Student Academic Support

In college, McCall majored in Philosophy.  As a student, she was involved in cheer and student council.  Mccall loves snowboarding, learning and helping kids learn.


Bryce Noble

Resource and Marine Biology

Noble loves science and marine biology, as well as sports and cheering her students on. Noble moved to Novato from Oakland and has taught resource for seven years.


Margarita Moscoso

Spanish 1 and 2

Other than teaching Spanish, art is Moscoso’s favorite subject.  In school, she spent a lot of time in the library and liked to study. She found history very boring and hated having
to memorize dates.


Nate Willis

Algebra 1 and Geometry

Willis believes that being nice is a choice and not a personality, and looks up to the people who can always have a positive attitude; he says that is real courage and he wants
to be able to do that for his students.


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