Fall Sports teams give their outlook on the season

By: Gillie Mason and Madi Vallee

After the Varsity Boys water polo coach resigned last season, the boys
team had to adjust to a new coach and new season. But Brian Styles, a senior
on the varsity team, said that with a team of boys who are eager to play, they
do not think twice about improving and learning new skills.
“Our team is full of committed players, [so] my goal is to leave an
impact on our team that will last for years after I graduate,” Styles said.


Leora Grimshaw has been coaching the Girls Tennis team for five years.
“Our goals for this season as a team is to have the team finish somewhere
in the middle of the pack as far as all the teams in MCAL, not in last place,”
Grimshaw said. “If we make it to MCAL’s, it’s going to be icing on the cake. We
have some new players this year that bring strength to the team, so the way to
achieve those goals are winning matches and beating schools that we have lost
to in the past. We recently had a great win against Drake that was unexpected.
This team has a lot of potential to do well.”


After returning from the North Coast Section championships last season,
the Girls Varsity Volleyball team and their coach, Michael Mann, are eager to
repeat history. With four starters returning from last season, Mann sees this
season as a way to improve the girls’ skills rather than rebuilding the team’s
dynamic. While the team hopes to improve their overall record, their goals also
include advancing to NCS and getting a bid from the California Interscholastic

“Our success is going to come from focusing on each match, not over-
looking any opponent who might surprise us and believing that we can com-
pete well against the tough teams in our league,” Mann said.


After the loss of one of Cross Country’s members last year, the team is
vowing to dedicate this season to Ben DeFilippis by motivating one another
and putting in hard work during each practice and meet. Senior Luke Ament, a
captain on the team, said that his goal of the season is to train harder and push
himself while honoring DeFilippis.
“[Ben’s] love has touched each of us who got the joy of laughing with him,”

Ament said. “He was the soul of our cross country team, and that soul will al-
ways be with us in the trees of our trails.”


Coach Tara Erickson and the Varsity Football Cheer team are looking for-
ward to a season filled with memorable routines, enthusiasm from the crowds

and unconditional motivation among the team.

Senior Daniella Boggeri, who has been a cheerleader at San Marin through-
out her four years of high school, said, “ [Our] goal is to really get the crowd

involved and to keep the energy throughout the whole game as well as per-
forming entertaining routines for everyone to watch.”


This season, the Varsity Football team, lead by coaches Cory Boyd and
Dominic Dimare, are eager to take home the MCAL trophy.

“The goal is always to compete to the highest degree of our ability, to-
gether, and with discipline,” said Boyd, who was named co-head coach in De-
cember of 2017.

Since the league has experienced changes this year, the team, who junior
Josh Franks described as “motivated,” continues to encourage one another on
and off the field.
“Every day, we’re out working harder than ever to be the best we can,”
Franks said. “Every single person on our team puts the work in to be the best
they can be for each other, not just for themselves.”


“We’d like to make the playoffs,” golf coach Bob Lacy said. “We have to
have a 500 or better record. My goal for the girls is for them to improve and
continue to have fun. We’ve been kinda up and down, I’m hoping that we have
more up than down for the rest of the season. We going to have to play against
some teams that are going to be difficult, but we can do it.”

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