Art department introduces Sculpture and Ceramics

When art teacher Jennifer Norman noticed a kiln at school, she knew she had to make use of it. At first, Norman had only planned on integrating it into the curriculums of the preexisting art courses. Instead, a new class was born.

Sculpture and Ceramics is a course that aims to utilize any sort of three-dimensional material, ranging from paper mache to wood. There are two ceramics classes, during fifth and sixth period this year, and both are full with more than 30 students.

Junior Trinity Landis is looking forward to the new skill sets that she may develop from taking the class.

“With the arts program expanding, many more kids are being reintroduced to the creative side they have lost but will still need later in life,” Landis said.

Norman believes that the class will also allow students to get in touch with their humanity and “nature as animals,” since they will be “getting their hands dirty.”

She hopes to one day take the class on a field trip to learn about Novato’s past and its connection to ceramics.

Norman is grateful for the chance to teach the class and to pursue ideas that she might not get while only teaching two-dimensional art classes.

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