2018 Homecoming Candidates

We asked each candidate what their dream vacation would be, which other candidate they would switch lives with or how they would ask someone to Homecoming.

Homecoming King: Timmy Harris

Timmy Harris: “A beach house in Fiji with Rihanna and a piña colada.”
Hannah Bergo: “I would switch lives with Eliza because she has a cool bunny.”

Sophia Fried: “This isn’t a tall tale, but I’ll keep it short. Will you do me a small favor and go to Homecoming with me?’”
James Martinez: “A backpacking trip across Europe with some close friends.”

Homecoming Queen: Jimena Lara

Eamon Raftery: “I would have to switch lives with Jack Orlandi so I could have a cool jeep.”
Jimena Lara: “‘I VINE-ally got the guts to ask you…Homecoming?’ and a Vine compilation would be playing in the background.”

Paris Morgain: “Are you Picasso? Because you and me going to Homecoming would be a work of art.”
Jenny Velazquez: “Hawaii, [it] sounds magical or life-changing.”

Will Caramucci: “Do you have a pencil? Cause I want to erase your past and write our future.’’
Maggie Duffield: “With a sign and some crocs saying ‘if the shoe fits, will you croc my world at Homecoming?’”

Olivia Matheson: “Croatia.”
Sed Conklin: “On a hot air balloon ride, [I would] say ‘come fly with me to Homecoming’ with Frank Sinatra playing in the background.”

Evan Lirette: “I’d switch with Quinton so I could be tall and see over people.”
Claire Weber: “A whole school lip dub or flash mob would be such a fun way to ask someone.”

Jack Orlandi: “Driving a ‘71-’72 GMC Suburban 4×4 across every U.S. state with a girlfriend and/or a dog.”
Michele Malliaras: “Jimena because I love her style and wish I could be as creative as her.”

Eliza Roesler: “Barbados. It’s so beautiful there!”
Quinton Graybeal: “Is your name Waldo? Cause someone like you is hard to find.”

Ashok Sundararaman: “New York with the boys.”
Daniella Boggeri: “By having all my friends hold a letter in a [cheerleading] stunt to spell out Homecoming.”

Compiled by Liz King


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