Three freshmen compete at Marin Poetry Contest

On April 26, three freshmen represented San Marin at the county-wide Marin Poetry Contest. Poems by freshman Lucy Ostrowski and freshman Clara Lamott were selected for the contest, while a poem written by freshman Devin Thompson won an honorable mention.

“From Embers” is a poem by Thompson that she wrote in her freshman English class, based on the struggles of LGBT youth and communities. The piece of writing won an honorable mention, and although Thompson wasn’t able to present her speech at the poetry night, she explained how shocked she was to hear that she had won.

“I didn’t think I was going to win,” Thompson said. “There are a lot of good writers in Marin.”

Outside of her English class, Thompson plans on continuing to write both poetry and music.

Ostrowski wrote “Who Is That Girl?”, which was a poem written about herself. Unlike the rest of her class, Ostrowski put a twist on the standard poem format, making it a collection of metaphors. Presenting two poems at the contest, both her own and fellow classmate Thompson’s, Ostrowski said it was difficult to speak in front of the large crowd since she was not used to it.

Lamott’s poem, “Best Friend” was about the strong connection between her and her best friend. Her personal, deep and expressive words about friendship and love won her a spot at the contest.

“I think [poetry] is really fun,” Lamott said. “It’s a great way to express yourself.”

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