Special Education teacher Don Hille retires

After finishing his fifth year at San Marin, Special Education teacher Don Hille will retire.
“I am grateful to be finishing my career here at San Marin,” Hille said. He emphasized his appreciation for the staff and students in the school community, stating that his colleagues’ support has encouraged him to put effort into his work.
“There is an atmosphere of collegiality within the staff,” Hille said. “It makes it enjoyable to work here.”
Hille has had an impact on many students throughout his five years in the San Marin community as an instructor, working each day with students who have challenges learning in a typical classroom environment to help them succeed. His work includes tutoring students in specific subjects, like math or science, and guiding them to stay organized and maintain progress with all of their classes.
Hille began teaching Special Education 19 years ago, with his interest stemming from his family’s background. Many of his foster siblings had learning disabilities, and his ability to communicate with and help them created a realization for his future career. Before transferring to Novato, Hille taught Special Education at a high school in Vallejo.
Following his retirement, Hille said that he plans to work part-time as a teacher, as well as take day trips and work on his house and backyard. He stressed that he will miss the community at San Marin and the support of both its students and staff members.

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