Legally Blonde musical takes the stage

This semester on April 27, 28, 29, and May 4, 5, and 6, San Marin students performed the musical “Legally Blonde,” starring Julia Greene and Annabel Milliner as Elle Woods. This musical tells the story of Elle Woods as she follows her heart to Harvard Law School to pursue Warner, her “true love,” played by sophomore Hayden Shaffer.

Along the way, she becomes rivals with her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend, Vivian, played by senior Mimi Pinson; befriends a hair stylist named Paullett, played by seniors Lauren Cione-Whitty and Lauren Whyte; and acquires a new love interest, Emmet, played by freshman Daniel Ford and senior Raymond Harris. Elle proves to the world and herself that she is far more than a pretty, blonde face from Malibu.

“In order to prepare for my character [Emmet], I started by going through the scenes on my on and off nights, seeing how to develop my character and make it more three-dimensional,” Ford said.

For Ford, the musical was sometimes more stressful than what some students could handle. Though he was confident about the musical, there were times when he felt scared.

Apart from the main cast members, students involved involved other areas like pit orchestra made the production possible.

Sophomore Matthew Jones not only had to memorize his clarinet sheet music to play in the orchestra, but he also had to balance that with learning his own lines to perform in the show.

“I worked with the pit crew learning and practicing the music until about three weeks before the show, where I then started memorizing my lines,” Jones said. Members of tech theater also played a part in making the show possible.

“I would show up every weekend to help build and paint all of the sets,” sophomore Taylor Boothe said.

Boothe also was the assistant sound board operator and worked with sophomore Max Pacatte, head sound operator; junior Eva Brandis, sound support; and the cast during rehearsals, so the sound crew could get familiar with the lines. Members of the tech crew would have to show up two and a half hours before the performance to prepare everything and make sure all of the equipment was working properly.

“Doing tech for the musical was a great experience,” sophomore Juan Castaneda said.

“You learn a lot, and you get to hang out with some really cool people. It’s a very social experience, but it also takes a lot of dedication.”

As a part of the stage crew, it was Castaneda’s job to help with scene changes between and during each scene.

The musical was well received by many students and parents who came to watch it.

“The musical came to life the second Elle [portrayed by Greene] displayed her amazing vocal range to San Marin and its visitors,” Rachel Kesich, a sophomore from Marin Catholic, said. “The show was a lot better than I was expecting. Originally, I just came to be with my friends, but I am more than glad I ended up coming.”

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