Teachers and students coordinate to balance smARTt and sports

San Marin’s existing smARTt program paves a way for students interested in performing or technical arts to be more involved through experience. While there is a common perception that art students and athletes have conflicting interests and don’t often associate, that is not the case here at San Marin. Many students find their passion in the arts while also finding the time to be an active participant in various sports offered at San Marin.

Senior Matt Lozovoy takes Advanced Drama with Ms. Kislingbury. He said he really enjoys acting due to the wide variety of different personalities he gets to portray.

“Although I love drama, there is nothing that I am more passionate about than athletics,” Lozovoy said. “At San Marin, I play basketball and baseball. In previous years, I played football and cross country. Ms. Kislingbury and my coaches are constantly communicating to avoid conflicts. I am very appreciative of this because it allows me to do both activities. The only real conflicts come when I have a drama performance, but for the most part, the smARTt program helps me avoid this by not scheduling performances on game day.”

Ms. Kislingbury finds Lozovoy to be an exceptional actor.

She said, “He has had the lead in the fall plays for the last two years. He takes time to create interesting and believable characters. He is always a delight to have in class. I think he has a future in the dramatic field.”

Lozovoy starred as Odysseus in the fall play, The Odyssey, Oedipus and other Greek Stories.

Dan Curtaz, San Marin’s varsity boys basketball coach, said, “Matt is a great teammate and he is well respected by his teammates. He excels in both arenas because of his work ethic, his ability to communicate, his outgoing personality and his overall self confidence. It really helps that he is funny, has a quick wit and doesn’t take himself too seriously.”

Sophomore Kelsey McIvor, a student involved with music, said it really comes down to making school a priority and managing time as well as possible. She is currently in jazz band and pit orchestra, and she helps out with strings and jazz choir. Music was what led McIvor to San Marin, but she also wanted to engage in different sports. Prior to girl’s basketball at San Marin, she played softball, and said she hopes to continue sports and participate in both the athletic and music program.

“Sometimes there may be scheduling conflicts and it gets to be a lot to manage, but San Marin does a good job in making sure you have the opportunity to do so,” McIvor said.

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