Students and teachers recognized by SM community

During the fall semester of the 2017-18 school year, teachers were asked to nominate students who showed certain positive traits, while students were instructed to take an online vote that asked what teacher made the most impact on them. Principal Mark Sims encouraged the leadership class to recognize teachers who were making a positive influence on campus. English teacher Karen Arcangelo and History teacher Robert Watson won the fall semester Teacher of the Month award, and freshman Caleb Hute, junior Zak Cunningham and senior Alice Cruz received the student awards.

“Sometimes teachers feel that what we do goes unnoticed, so this is a nice reminder that what we do matters,”Arcangelo said. “I’m serious about what I do, but I love to laugh and have fun as much as I can, I bring that into class.”

Arcangelo said she always tries to be available to help students as best as she can. Many students voted for Arcangelo, one of them being sophomore Sofia Doyle.

“Ms. Arcangelo is the kindest, funniest, and most understanding person I’ve ever gotten the privilege to know,” Doyle said. “I will forever be grateful for her guidance and support.”

“I am humbled and encouraged and more than a little embarrassed,” Watson said.

Many AP Euro students he taught had thoughts and comments on why they voted for him, such as sophomores Noah Taylor and Liana Stevenson.

“He’s a teacher that you can tell enjoys teaching his subject, which makes the class so much more fun and makes the subject easier to learn,” Taylor said.

“I chose [Watson] because he is one of the few teachers that are actually interested in your opinion, interests, and feelings,” Stevenson said.

Four students from each class were also awarded. Staff had to nominate students they felt were worthy of recognition based on certain criteria; they had to show respect on campus to everyone, demonstrate responsibility through classwork and other activities at school and show academic progress in the classroom, which was based on grade or level of engagement. Hute, Cunningham, Cruz and a sophomore who did not want to be recognized were chosen because they had shown all of these traits, along with kindness and compassion towards others. They were rewarded with a pizza lunch and small goodie bags that were delivered to them during class. Leadership will be holding the votes three times a year, and teachers and students will be on the lookout for people they feel deserve the award.

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