Sports Standout: Caitlin Dwyer juggles three sports

“If you really want to succeed at something, you just have to keep trying until you figure it out even if it seems impossible. If you work hard enough, you will be able to accomplish it.”

These are words of advice from varsity soccer player, Caitlin Dwyer. Dwyer, a junior who began playing soccer at the age of six, says that her inspiration for beginning soccer stemmed from her older sister who played the sport. Dwyer began playing for San Marin’s team as a freshman and immediately made it on the varsity team. She has continued to play on varsity ever since. In addition, she was named MVP of the team in her sophomore year.

Dwyer says she has learned so much from being on and off the field with her team, and she has also gained a lot from them such as how to push yourself and trust one another. “Forming strong bonds between teammates is key because when you have trust between them, the whole team works and functions better together as a whole,” Dwyer said.

Dwyer says that the lessons and traits that she has acquired on the field have transferred to her life outside of soccer.

Junior Jimena Lara, a teammate of Dwyer, said, “Off the field she’s always really supportive, she’s never negative and she tries to build our team up. She’s an amazing leader.”

Lara says that it’s her bright and positive spirit that makes her stand out and also motivates the team. Dwyer is known for always running around the field playing any position that is needed. However, she typically plays center mid for San Marin and left back for her club soccer team.

Aside from excelling as a soccer player, Dwyer pursues many other extracurricular activities as well. She takes four AP classes, is involved in the STEM program, plays club soccer, participates in lacrosse and cross country and works as a restaurant hostess at Toast.

With all of these extracurriculars to balance, Dwyer says it can be difficult at times to keep track of everything. However, she is able to t in everything that she enjoys doing. She says she manages a way to balance school life and social life, and can always put what is needed into her schedule.

As for her future, she is not quite sure yet what direction she wants to go. Dwyer hopes to attend college possibly in southern California. She dreams of a major and career in the science field, but is unsure of what it will be in particular. All she knows is that she hopes it will involve helping others.

Dwyer’s coach, Andy Ong, says that what sets Caitlin apart from other players is her work ethic. She is a 4.0 student athlete and manages her intense and busy schedule all at the same time. She has scored five of the nine goals on the team and is the leading recognized defender in MCAL. Dwyer is also one of the three captains on her team.

Dwyer says, “The most important piece of advice I have ever received from soccer is to always believe in yourself no matter what.”

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