Sports Admissions fees explained

By Leah Coale and Justine Beales

The only thing needed to support the Mustangs is spirit; unless of course, those Mustangs play on the varsity basketball or football teams, then cash is needed. The admissions system is not well known among students and can confuse athletes and fans alike.

Athletic Director, Dennis Davis, explained that the league requires fees to be charged for certain games.

“All playoff games are charged, and the playoff money goes to either the league, the section or the state,” Davis said.

The decision to enact an admission fee for other games comes from cost analysis. If charging for an event will not make enough money to pay the ticket-taker, then there is no fee. The money raised goes to fund officials for every sport.

“The money that we raise from the football and basketball admissions pays for everyone else’s officials,” Davis said.

Teams can organize fundraisers as well as receive support from Sports Boosters and parent donations to augment individual program budgets.
Admissions, regardless of the source, benefit all programs.

Funding that comes from the school pays for safety equipment and fees for league memberships. Most everything else is paid for or supplemented with money from boosters and admission.

“We’ve been blessed to have so many wonderful people that have helped out and keep giving and giving,” Davis said.

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