Latino students face obstacles in academics

San Marin offers information to its students to help them plan for their future. However, many Latino students believe that they do not receive enough guidance, especially with difficult classes.

Sophomore Juan Cruz said, “Latino kids aren’t in AP classes because they are in a tougher position than non-Latino kids.”

Cruz said many Latino parents either aren’t educated enough to help out their children or don’t have enough time to help out their children academically.

He believes that parents shouldn’t receive all the blame because teachers and counselors don’t give the extra help many students need.

An anonymous parent of a Latino student said, “I don’t have the time to help my kid with homework because I work two jobs and I don’t know most of the material he’s learning.”

Vice Principal Diane Santamorena said, “Our current tactic to increase Latino involvement in AP classes is to work with individual students and provide extra help whenever it comes up.”

To help students better understand things like course selection forms, the administration has planned to reprint forms with more information in Spanish.

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