New year, new classes

Next year, many new classes will be coming to San Marin, but first they have to go through a rigorous process to become a class.
AP Calculus BC, Sculpture and Ceramics 1, Multimedia Design, Multimedia Production & Design, Media Portfolio Development, Aerospace Science 1, 2, 3, 4 and English 11: Literacy, Advocacy, & Public Service: Advanced English in Public Service will be added next year, assuming enough people sign up for the classes.
For a proposal to become a class, it must first be presented to the administrators. Once they agree that the school would benefit, they look for credentialed staff, along with the resources and costs. The selected staff members must then write a course outline.
“A course outline is about a ten page document that has all the details for the class for the entire year,” Vice Principal Diane Santamorena said.
The outline is then sent to the University of California System to have the course approved and made an A through G course.
However, if the course is already being taught at Novato High School and approved, then the course can become a reality without writing a new outline. Once it is approved by the UC system, it is added to the course catalog and course registration. If the minimum required amount of students sign up, then it is held the following year, but if there is a lack of students, then the course is collapsed and the students are moved. This year, no classes were collapsed.

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