Varsity boys basketball team loses to Drake in thriller


The Pirates took the lead in the second quarter, and their lead started to grow in the second half. In the fourth quarter, with a little over a minute left, Drake had an eight point lead. Full court press by the Mustangs forced a steal, and senior Matt Lozovoy drained a quick three pointer to shrink the lead to five points. The next possession, the Mustangs forced another steal, and after a missed three by Lozovoy, freshman Tyson Geraci grabbed the rebound and made a layup and got fouled.

At this point, the lead was three. Geraci missed the free throw and Drake grabbed the rebound. The Pirates made a quick layup to bring their lead back up to five points with less than fifteen seconds left. Lozovoy hit another three with seven seconds left in the game. The Mustangs were down by two.

After a timeout, San Marin committed an intentional foul to send Drake to the line in hopes of missing free throws. Drake missed the first free throw but made the second. Drake’s lead was three.

As the Mustangs brought the ball up the court in attempts to tie the game and send it to overtime, the ball traveled out of bounds with four seconds left. The referee initially signaled Mustang’s ball, but after the referees conferred, the call was overturned and Drake gained possession of the ball. The Mustangs were forced to intentionally foul again and sent Drake to the line with less than half a second left. The free throws were split and the lead was raised to four. The clock expired shortly after and Drake secured the 48-44 victory.

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