Mr.Mustang pageant tonight

Every year San Marin holds the “Mr. Mustang” male beauty pageant in the student center, which is considered to be a tradition on campus.

“Contestants dress up, show their talents, and have a good time,” Senior Mimi Pinson said. She is the senior class president and is overseeing the event this year.

The money raised from the contest and calendars sold are going to help fundraise for the senior class prom. A variety of San Marin teachers, including Bob Lacy, Claudio Tronconi, Sara Davis, Susan Taggard and Cory Boyd, will be judging the event and will ultimately decide the winner.

“It seems like something that could be cool and I think it’s something I can enjoy doing,” said senior Jeff Ramirez, one of the contestants. “I’m just doing it for fun and I know a lot of people are gonna have fun doing it too.”

The competition will be divided into five segments: introduction, formal and swimwear, talent, Q&A and the crowning. The judges will assess each competitor based on their presence on stage, their charisma and how well rounded they are in general. There are 12 male seniors who signed up to compete this year: Mark Kopilevich, Ben DeFilippis, Beau Thompson, Jeff Ramirez, Emmanuel Barber, Thomas Frietzche, Luke Hance, Michael Barr, Matt Lozovoy, Joey Reyff, Wyatt Hill and Noah Prochnow.

“I’m hoping to grow more as a person and grow out of my comfort zone because I usually don’t do events like these,” Frietzche said.

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