Music students sing and perform for a good cause

Ebba Wagoner performing with strings/contemporary band (picture by Rafael Arroyo)
Music teacher, Allison McIvor, conducts the concert band (picture by Vivian Bui)
Friends, families, and teachers come to enjoy the concert (picture by Vivian Bui)



Some of San Marin’s students came together to put on a charity benefit concert for purposes of raising money for the victims of northern fires. Parents, friends, teachers and family were invited to attend the event on the night of November 17th to donate money and watch performances put together by San Marin’s music students. The main contributors who were credited for coming up with the idea and assembling most of the concert were San Marin alumni Logan Gleeson, Yovanni Martinez and Serena Poggi. The group of three are members of their own band called The Speed of Light Band.

Organization and idea of the event began with Martinez and his personal connection to victims who experienced the fires firsthand. For him, it was friends and family members of his who had their homes taken away by the fires. Martinez consequently put together a benefit concert in order to help out others like them.

“If it were the other way around, they would help me too,” Martinez said.

San Marin’s concert band, jazz band, jazz choir, student solos and duets, along with the Speed of Light Band themselves were featured that night. San Marin sophomore Charlotte Marsh, who performed during the event as a part of the concert band, described the concert as one of the most enjoyable school concerts she’s been to. Marsh took satisfaction in her own ability to contribute to a good cause through doing something that she loved while also being able to watch and take part in the performances that took place that night.

“I found myself not wanting it to end because of everyone’s passion and talent for music,” Marsh said.


The process of assembling the event took about a month and two weeks according to Martinez, and the outcome couldn’t have gone any smoother. With a little over than 250 people coming to support the event, the results exceeded Martinez’s expectations. The event raised a total of $1,200, and with help from San Marin music moms, 100% of the profits were donated to fire victims.  

“Most people play to get paid, but me and my band play to give. That’s what music really is all about,” Martinez said.

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