Movie Review: Murder on the Orient Express

Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie is considered classic literature, but literature it should stay.

From the minute the movie starts the pace is slow and uneventful. About halfway through, the movie increased to insane speed, to the point of barely understanding what is happening. There is a point midway through the movie which seems to be missing. The plot has many gaps in it. The ending took too long to achieve and was not what I look for out of a mystery.

The acting seemed legitimate, though there were some miscasts, such as Josh Gad as McQueen. Josh Gad is not able break out of his typical comedic roles and does not work in a drama role, though Kenneth Branagh stands out.

The costume and set designs is what keep this movie from running off the tracks. The costumes are realistic and the elegance of set makes the movie believable.

The remake does not compare to the masterpiece that is Murder on the Orient Express (1974).