Fall Song Playlist

Bellyache- Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish’s debut album, “Don’t Smile at Me” came out in August of 2017. It’s a string of songs packed with attitude, heartbreak and grim melodies that are sure to stay stuck in your head all day. Her song “Bellyache” features clever lyrics that put a gloomy twist on your typical pop song. It’s definitely the perfect song to blast when driving with friends. Other songs on this album such as“My Boy” and “COPYCAT” take on a more grungy and edgy style with a bluesy type feel.

November- Tyler the Creator

Tyler’s album, “Flower Boy,” also released in 2017 takes on a softer, yet extremely catchy and danceable tone. It’s definitely the perfect song to put you into the fall mood. It’s a unique twist on the usual rap song, yet it still embodies the right vibe for this specific genre of music. With intricate lyrics and melodies, this song paints a clear picture for listeners.

American Teen- Khalid

Khalid’s debut album “American Teen,” having only come out spring of 2017, quickly climbed the Billboard 200 charts and reached top 10. His album is a collection of a wide variety of songs, ones that are sure to make you dance, cry or smile. Melancholy ballads such as “Angels” or “Coaster” stick to his R&B style, but touch a deeper side of his emotions and connect with the listener. However, extremely upbeat songs are also featured on this album like “8TEEN” and “Another Sad Love Song.” They have a trendy and buoyant sound to them that is well-liked by many. He takes topics that truly pertain to teens and allow them to relate through his catchy yet meaningful lyrics.

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