Restaurant Review: Sushi Tri

Sushi Tri, the Japanese restaurant on 333 Enfrente Road, is new to Novato this year. The staff are very friendly and do not rush or hurry customers. The restaurant inside is small, with a few tables and a bar. The restaurant extends to outdoor seating, and if it ever gets too cold outside, they have heaters that make everything warm and cozy.

Their menu is filled with numerous options and selections that the staff will gladly help customers through if they need the assistance. Their chef’s special is the sushi boat, which consists of various rolls and sashimi, placed on a small, wooden boat. Other options include an appetizer of fried chicken wings, which are well-liked among customers, the miso soup, which is a classic side dish and my personal favorite, the dragon roll which consists of shrimp tempura, crab meat, barbecued eel and avocado (trust me, it’s good).

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