How to Survive Thanksgiving Dinner

So it’s Thanksgiving and you’re stuck giving awkward hugs and rushing to eat your dinner in hopes that you finish it fast enough to escape to the comfort of your room. We have all used the cliche saying, “so the weather, huh.” This year is the time to whip out the fun and witty comments to get the conversation flowing to lead you through your first, second and maybe even third plate. Beat your relatives and nosey aunts from prodding you first. This year let there be no more awkward explanations on how you aren’t in a relationship and explaining that school is “good.”

Use some of these conversation starters out and see where they take you.

  1. Go around the room and say something you are thankful for. You can always start first, and don’t make it too sentimental.You can make it as funny and nonchalant as you want; thank your dog if you want!
  2. Talk about recent shows and movies that came out. Eleven come use your force to break this ice!
  3. Fun, decorative idea: Place a note card under each plate with a fun and silly question like, “If you were in a circus what act would you perform?” and have everyone go around the table and state their act. If there are a lot of guests just have that one person answer and move on.
  4. “Hey, Grandpa/Grandma, how did you spend Thanksgiving when you were my age?” This will surely bring out a long and detailed conversation about “back in my days.”
  5. Talk about possible vacation destinations and what exciting things that are coming up. Sports teams are always a safe bet. Try to get your cousins in on your plan to get the conversation up and flowing.

Now you can enjoy your mashed potatoes and turkey with some bonding time with your family, even if it is with family that you only see once a year. Happy Thanksgiving!

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