5 Hacks for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving can be super stressful, especially if you’re the family that’s hosting. Here are five Thanksgiving hacks to make your Thanksgiving go smoothly.

First things first, this should be top priority if you know that you won’t have anyone to talk to at the dinner. Netflix has a feature that allows you to download movies so that you can watch without internet or even service. This hack will save you from utter boredom and give you a way to catch up on a show. The following steps are cooking hacks to save you from a mental breakdown while cooking or helping your parents. No need to make your mashed potatoes extra salty with your tears! The second hack involves boiling water and a potato. In order to eradicate the work of peeling a potato, put the potato in boiling water and wait until the whole potato boils, and shock it with some cold water and peel it like a hard boiled egg. Third hack, if  you prep the vegetables beforehand and refrigerate them, you can save time on Thanksgiving day. The next hack will ensure the kids to stay busy while everyone else cleans up. Have a set list of movies to watch and have them play one after the other on Netflix so that cleaning goes by uninterrupted. Always have a backup plan! If anything goes wrong, make sure to have a backup plan, if you’re planning on making a pumpkin pie for the first time, buy one from Costco. Just in case, but remember, who could go wrong with a store bought pumpkin pie?

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