Tak Maga demonstrates his talent in both music and academics

“Originally I wanted to play the violin because my brother was playing the violin. But my friends didn’t want me to do that so I played the piano,” Maga said.

Ten years ago, the young musician and San Marin sophomore Tak Maga ventured into the world of music. Looking up to his brother, Poh Maga, a 2016 san Marin graduate, who chose the company of his violin as his instrument, Maga wanted to do the same. But his friends advised him to choose other wise and determined his fate as Maga took on piano.

Maga is an impeccable musician and an exceptional student according to Alison McIvor, his music teacher. In the classroom he is described as a hard-worker and very reliable.


“As a musician, he is exemplary,” McIvor said. She describes him as a helpful and dedicated person who never fails to do what she asks of him exceptionally well.


Maga has been with San Marin’s music program for two years and participates in showcases and private event performances.


“When performing on stage of course I feel nervous. But in the music world you’re not supposed to feel any different when performing to when you’re playing by yourself,” Maga said.


Sophomore Matt Jones, who has been friends with Maga since eighth grade, said that Maga cares more about the music than he does about his audience.


Music has allowed Maga to mature as a person as well as taught him how to approach life. He said that it has helped him learn how to think things through carefully and not just do the same things over and over again while expecting different results.


Maga also engages in a variety of other activities including being on the debate team, robotics club, the STEM program, and playing water polo. Maga said that due to his busy schedule he has to cut things from time to time as he is not able to do everything. When he runs into this problem, he seeks guidance by talking to others who will help him work it out.


Maga prefers to hang out with friends or read a book when given free time. Maga especially enjoys reading historical fiction books as he finds they have an interesting plot line and he gets to learn about history.


Maga is still unsure about his future. Maga knows that he wants to attend college, but doesn’t have a major in mind. He said that it is better to be thinking about the present and work from there, and not worry so much about what your destiny is.


“If you start out with a big end goal in mind that is far off into the future, you are never going to get there,” said Maga. “You have to start slowly with smaller things.”


Although Maga might not know what the future holds, others see bright things for him. McIvor said that Maga is a quiet, smart, observant, hardworking, and a culturally competent student. She said it is those characteristics that make her believe that whatever career Maga chooses to pursue in the future, it will beneficially impact the world around him.

“Tak will be making a difference in the world,” She said.

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