New courses provide more options to students

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Algebra II Plus combines the Algebra II and Precalculus curricula and enables those who take it to progress directly from Geometry to AP Calculus.

“Algebra II Plus is designed to get students through Algebra II and Precalculus in one year, which is a difficult prospect,” said Mr. David Blair, who teaches Algebra II Plus. “But, I’m amazed at how strong these students are, and that’s a testament to the parents, students, and programs we have here.”


College and Career Readiness (CCR) is a new freshman course that helps students determine their potential career options and gives them the tools needed to succeed.

“The course is about students finding out what their values are,” Ms. Michelle LeMieux said, who teaches CCR, “But beyond that, we want students to get some time management skills out of [CCR]. We want kids to understand how the education system works. This class is meant to equalize everybody.”


AP Human Geography teaches students about geography and its effects on humans and cultures.

“My main goal is to get [my students] to better understand the world they live in through geography, specifically human geography,” Mr. Bob Lacy said, who teaches the course. “I want the students to have enough say about what part of the human geography curriculum interests them, so we can focus on it. But I also have to bear in mind that there is an AP test at the end that I have to prepare them for. I think [my students] should know what they want to know and know everything that’s on the test.”


English 10 Public Service (PS) is the first phase of Mr. Casper’s proposed Public Service Academy. The course embeds public service curriculum into English 10.

“[English 10 Public Service] is an English 10 class, with law and public safety embedded into it,” said Assistant Principal Mike Casper, who is creating the public service academy of which this course will be a part. “We think there’s a high demand for students with these skills. These are important jobs and I think that we need to bring back a level of respect for public service. These are jobs that help people and protect our citizens. There’s not a lot of programs embedded into the high school curriculum that will help prepare kids for a career in public service.

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