Vending machines ordered for students

Due to the later start times and revised bell schedules, San Marin will be installing vending machines this year, and have begun to open the cafeteria before first period. For three days a week, school lunch starts at 12:50 in the afternoon, which is a 35-minute difference from its time last year at 12:15. Given the circumstances, Principal Dr. Mark Sims and the Associated Student Body (ASB) came together to order two vending machines, and serve students breakfast before their first class.

The vending machines will be maintained by the locally-based company, Morgan Healthy Choices, and will offer a variety of sugar-free food and drinks, including but not limited to Popchips, Annie’s Crackers, Pirate’s Booty and Gatorade Zero.

“We have had students complain to us about the lunch lines being too long,” said Sophomore Class President Hallie Smith. The vending machines will be  “a helpful way for lines to speed up” she said.

“We’ve talked about how it’s hard to serve everybody,”  film and leadership teacher Michelle Lemieux said when asked about vending machine location. “We thought it was a good idea to spread out where students can get snacks.”

Currently, the vending machines will  be placed in front of the gym and cafeteria, where leadership thinks they will be most popular.

The machines will also be open during passing periods and after-school sporting events, when the cafeteria is not.

“When students get hungry they can stop by the vending machine because it’s convenient,” said ASB Vice President Christian Pederson. “They will bring in a lot of revenue.”

According to ASB, two vending machines on campus could produce up to $3,500 in a year, which would go to events like homecoming and prom.

In addition to the new vending machines, the cafeteria has begun to open its doors at 7:00 every morning to sell students breakfast. However, not many kids are showing up, despite the variety of options they have including bagels, muffins, milk, chips etc.

“Only four to five students at most show up every morning,” said cafeteria staff member Shannon Topar.

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