Students call for a change in school’s dress code

Many students are calling for the dress code to change. The dress code states that clothing must not be distracting, but doesn’t give specifics. The lack of specificity means that administrators have to make their own definitions.

“We have a subjective gender bias dress code that isn’t dealt with properly and targets female students,” senior Lindsey Loeber said.

Senior Liz Arsenault went to the school’s nurse because she felt sick, but instead, she was lectured about how her shirt was too small, she said.

Novato Unified School District policy states, “The purpose of adopting dress code policies and regulations is to not infringe on any individual pupil’s rights of freedom of expression, but rather to encourage pupils to come to school prepared to participate in their education.” Senior Camille Obert said that she sees the dress code as an unnecessary rule that does nothing but impede students.

Junior Nate Andrade said the dress code just sets limits on students.

“Students probably don’t mean to break the rules. They probably just want to be in style,” said former yard supervisor Carmen Negrete.

Arsenault said there is a lack of clothing options that fit the dress code. The only two options are too short or uncomfortable.

Vice Principal Michael Casper said, “Every adult on campus is supposed to enforce the dress code.”

Profesora Reyna Lowrie contradicted this point when she asked, “Why does it feel like just the teachers are supposed to enforce it? How come the administration is not approaching students at break or lunch who are breaking the dress code?”

Sophomore Trinity D’Aiello said that the dress code isn’t seen as a real rule to students. Andrade said most students don’t know why it’s enforced.

Lowrie said, “The dress code has been put in place in order to create a job type environment for students.”

“If there was no dress code no one would come wearing anything that’s not normally worn in everyday scenarios, so I don’t see the point of having a set code that just limits our outfit choices,” said Obert.

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