Art standout: Kylee Smith

by Jenna Beales, reporter

Kylee Smith is repeating a class from her junior year, not because she needs to, but because it’s her passion. By the time she graduates, she will have taken AP Art twice. Her artwork is both impressive and inspiring, and so is her attitude in class.

“I did AP Art my junior year because it was something I was passionate about and interested in so I thought taking that class would be a good experience,” Smith said.

Jennifer Norman is Smith’s teacher for AP Art this year. She knows the class is extremely challenging but recognizes Smith has a strong work ethic to handle the demanding course.

“This is a girl who’s going to do well, and whose confidence is going to carry her,” Norman said.

Smith is also incredibly enthusiastic about the class, and Norman commented, “She’s a sweetheart. I feel like she is a good role model for the rest of the class. I think having her in the class, having done it already, I think supports everyone else and everyone else’s confidence.”

Smith expresses just how much she has learned and grown from taking AP Art. “I’ve learned a lot from building up my portfolio,” she said, “and I’ve learned about myself through the whole process.”

Smith said about her inspiration for her work and concepts for art pieces, “I think I’m inspired by random scribbles and my odd thoughts more than anything. Most of my art pieces aren’t thoroughly planned out. I just start pieces and then I go with what I feel, so I never know what the final product is going to look like.”

Smith is passionate about art and hopes to pursue a career in the art field. “I want to major in studio art and see where it goes from there. I have no clue where any of this is going to take me so I’m just going with the flow…I love that art is completely limitless. Drawing and painting ultimately have become my stress relievers.”

She said about AP Art, “Taking that class and having to build an art portfolio made me realize that this is something that I actually want to try to pursue. I’m doing Ap Art again senior year because I really want to spend my last year in high school focused on art and building up my skills now to possibly help me in the future.”

Smith said about seeing her progress over the years, “I definitely have seen drastic improvements especially if you compare my work to freshman year and it feels pretty freaking awesome that I’m starting to actually solidify my own style and improve my skills on a technical standpoint.”

Smith had some advice for other potential artists, “Do not focus on other people’s style of art or on what’s popular. Hone your own skills and focus on what fascinates you. You do you.”

Kylee Smith responded humbly when asked why she thought she had been chosen as an Art Student Standout, “I honestly don’t know why I’m being featured but I really do appreciate it because art has always been that one thing that I actually love doing and something I actually put an immense amount effort into.”

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