STEM teacher Nick Williams hosts podcast

“Welcome to Teach ‘Em Up. The podcast of teaching and learning,” STEM teacher Nick Williams says as he greets his listeners on his podcast.  Williams created a podcast through which he explores teaching and learning methods with teachers and administrators on campus. Teach ‘Em Up has been streaming for two weeks but Williams has been… Continue reading STEM teacher Nick Williams hosts podcast

Netflix competes for popular shows

Michael Scott, Jim Halpert and Pam Beasley: these characters from “The Office” will be leaving Netflix in Jan. 2021 as the streaming service competes with large companies launching their own services and buying back content. The company faces uncertain prospects about losing users to new products like Disney Plus. “The Office” will leave Netflix in… Continue reading Netflix competes for popular shows

Students raise concerns over gender neutral bathrooms

A year and a half ago, the gender neutral bathrooms located near the 800 building were shut down due to continuous problems with sexual activity and vaping. Because the stall doors reach all the way to the floor, students were more likely to engage in inappropriate activities. Combined with the increased vaping rates on campus,… Continue reading Students raise concerns over gender neutral bathrooms

Exchange students share their backgrounds

Over the summer, Vilde Rogeberg from Oslo, Norway, Guilherme Sieves from Rio do Sul, Brazil, and Giulia Sarra from Schleumen, Switzerland left their homes and flew thousands of miles to join San Marin students for the 2019- 2020 school year. Rogeberg and Sieves are seniors, while Sarra is a junior. While the students all had… Continue reading Exchange students share their backgrounds

Opinion: We are too caught up in our own worlds

I freeze in the driveway, taking in the moment as I stare at the majestic harvest moon. I often find myself being drawn to the moon’s unusual existence, wondering why other people are not mesmerized by it as well. My strained eyes wander up to the illuminating orb, and I am instantly brought back to reality. Every day, it reminds me to focus on the… Continue reading Opinion: We are too caught up in our own worlds

Backlash against homelessness crisis grows in Bay Area

“Refugee camps in Syria are cleaner than this,” Oakland property developer Gene Gorelik said in an interview with the New York Times at an Oakland fast-food restaurant that overlooks a homeless encampment.  Homelessness has continuously been a crisis in California and has risen significantly in certain cities. For example, San Jose experienced a 42 percent… Continue reading Backlash against homelessness crisis grows in Bay Area

Freshman Joey Cook “leads by example and by voice”

Freshman Joey Cook moved up to be starting JV quarterback in the 2019-2020 season because of his talent and leadership skills. Cook was excited that he had made the team because he had been practicing with JV for weeks and had devoted a lot of time to the team. “Joey was dedicated to football even… Continue reading Freshman Joey Cook “leads by example and by voice”

Opinion: We need more than ID card hotlines

You may have noticed a change to your new ID card: a list of crisis hotlines. California Senate Bill No. 972, approved in Sept. 2018, requires all public, private and charter schools of grades 7 to 12, as well as institutions of higher education, to print the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, the Crisis Text Line… Continue reading Opinion: We need more than ID card hotlines